"There is a very strong link between music and photography as both arts are complementary in presenting a pictorial sense of interconnection and competition. If you ask me how, I can give you an extremely important example of genius, Nasser Al-Yousif, a professional Bahraini artist. "Al-Yousif's paintings are almost like sonic rhythms. Therefore, the loss of sight has not handicapped his ability to run his hands over his paintings and to produce distinctive works which continue to pioneer his own unique style. "I personally consider Nasser Al-Yousif as the most important Bahraini artist. This is attributed to his shrewd insight which reminds us of very important examples. "Beethoven's most famous works were produced after he had lost his hearing. The most important products of painter Edgar Degas came after he had lost his sight. " I feel that Nasser Al-Yousif excels other artists in this respect. If we pause before his work of engraving,” People from My Traditional District”, at the current annual exhibition at the Bahrain National Museum, we are drawn into a spatial vacuum which may be insuperability. At this point, I shall not talk about Al-Yousif's genius but highlight his ability to convert sonic rhythms into visual rhythms".

Extract from a discussion between journalist Mohammed Al-Halwachi and Dr. As'ad Orabi, published in the Bahrain daily Al-Ayyam on 14th February 1999

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